Some like it hot

When I opened my bedroom window this morning, the first day of summer here in Brazil, I remembered that the heat is one of the things I missed the most with I was in Blighty.

The view from my bedroom window at dawn

As much as I loved my time in London, the weather is one of the main reasons why I moved back home. I never got used to the cold, the whole staying in thing, wearing several layers of clothing, the two-month summers. I could cope with it all perfectly and did so for ten years, but I really didn’t like it.

Sorry to rub it in – but the weather here in São Paulo today is absolutely gorgeous. Blue sky, about 34 degrees, bright green noisy parakeets flying overhead, people walking around in minimal clothing, the boteco-goers knocking back a few cold beers…

Personally, I love this weather. I wish it stayed just like this the whole summer, though we could do with a bit more humidity.

Not everyone enjoys the summer, though. A lot of people on my Facebook timeline are complaining about the weather here in Sampa though. It’s too hot, too sticky, too dry, they say.

A friend of mine even gets depressed when the weather gets warmer. It’s some kind of SAD, but heat-related, so he’s looking to move to Sweden because he can’t cope with the heat.

Well… my little theory is that when you travel abroad for a short period of time to colder places, it is all cosy and cute. Now try and endure a whole winter in Europe when all you are used to is the tropical climate back home!

Another friend on Facebook said she would rather endure hours in a traffic jam caused by a snowstorm than get stuck in one of Rio de Janeiro’s congested avenues when it is 40 degrees outside…

The grass is always greener on the other side!

Image by Marcelo Vieira licensed under Creative Commons

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