Adentros: Paso Pa'lante

Dark secrets, hidden depths, the hypnotising pulse of rhythm. Four exceptional young Seville-based flamenco artists bring to London Adentros or From Within – a journey of haunting song, explosive dance and exquisite guitar.

Paso Pa’lante seek to represent a new generation of cross-culture flamenco artists who are at the forefront of breaking the prejudices against foreign flamenco artists that still exist in Spain today. They seek to explore the the influences on flamenco from Moorish, Jewish and Gypsy cultures. Paso Pa’lante demonstrates that flamenco is an all-inclusive language powerful enough to bridge the divides of cultures and reach people of all backgrounds. The company’s work deals with universal themes of love, death, poverty and celebration.


15th & 16th November, 7.30pm, £12/10
Adentros: Paso Pa’lante
Rosemary Branch Theatre
2 Shepperton Road,
London N1 3DT
Tel: 020 7704 6665

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