Wara EP

Bright young starlets and stalwarts of London’s happening latin live scene, Wara come forth with their inaugural release and it certainly does not disappoint. Capturing the best of what has become a really entertaining, tight and above all fun band this is a very strong release.

Wara is formed of no less than nine performers with the majority of them meeting up at the creative, cultural and political hot bed that is SOAS university and these tracks are a great reflection of the SOAS scene; intelligent, vibrant and quality. A mix of rumba, salsa, funk and hip hop with a pop edge. Stand out tracks and highlighting the beautiful vocals of lead singer Juanita Euka are “Pretty Cliche” with a cumbia feel and the acoustic “Ojos Que No Ven” which drips with a subtle passion and mystique which signals these guys are ‘wara’ it’s at.

by Russ Jones

Released 26th September 2011 by Movimientos Records

“Ojos Que No Ven”

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