Rodizios in London

It seems as if rodizios are taking over London. Every month a new rodizio seems to open it’s doors, and once more an endless stream of barbecued meat is brought to people’s tables for eager consumption. So, we thought it was about time we gave a little introduction to the rodizio concept and picked out a few rodizios in London that are worth checking out.

First of all it’s important to make the distinction between a rodizio and a churrascaria. Essentially, a rodizio is normally also a churrascaria whereas a churrascaria is not always a rodizio. Confused? You needn’t be. Effectively, a churrascaria is simply the name for a restaurant that serves barbecued meat. The rodizio is more about the serving of the food; waiters will bring to your table the barbecued meat as soon as it’s ready and they keep coming with more food and you keep eating and eating until you just can’t take any more. In many of the rodizios they give you a beer mat with a green “Go” on one side and a red “Stop” on the other. So when you can’t eat anymore you just switch the mat over from green to red and the waiters stop tempting you with more great-looking food!

So, let’s get cracking, starting off with some of the bigger name Rodizio restaurants in London:

Rodizio Rico

Rodizio Rico offers a truly Brazilian experience in the heart of Islington. Good quality meats, a respectable array of popular Brazilian dishes on its buffet served with friendly Brazilian hospitality. At £23.50, it is also good value for money. Recommended. Luiz Hara (The London Foodie).

Read The London Foodie’s full review of Rodizio Rico here.

Rodizio Rico has four restaurants in London: Islington, O2 Greenwich, Westbourne Grove and Fulham Broadway. For contact details go to:

Rodizio Preto

Rodizio Preto is the best restaurant of its kind in London serving good quality barbecued meats and other traditional Brazilian dishes at very reasonable prices. Friendly service and lively atmosphere. This is the closest you will get to the real Brazilian rodizio experience in the UK. Highly recommended. Luiz Hara (The London Foodie).

Read The London Foodie’s full review of Rodizio Preto here.

There are three Rodizio Preto restaurants in London: Victoria, Putney and West End. For contact details go to:

Amber Grill

Amber Grill is the only churrascaria in NW10, one of London’s famous Brazilian quarters. They offer all you can eat rodízio, salads, hot dishes, steaming pão de queijo, delicious desserts, excellent service and a really great atmosphere.

For full review and contact details:

Rodizio Brazil

Mid-priced rodizio based in South West London that also offers up live Brazilian music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Decent selection of wines and cocktails.

Contact details:

Sabor Brasileiro

One of the best bargain rodizios you will find. Based in North West London they have been open since 2003 and as well as rodizio offer a good buffet selection, including plenty of Brazilian fish dishes, as well as homely facilities such as a games room and lounge area.

Contact details:


Comida was the first Brazilian rodizio in Central London. Since opening they have made their name through the quality of their meat, using the best Argentine Picanha as well as local cuts, which have earned them rave reviews. They also do great strawberry batidas though this place is really all about the meat!

Full review and contact details:

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